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Jan 05

Thanks for visiting the official website of Robert Fabbri. Here you can find more information about Robert and his books, read extracts of each Vespasian novel and watch videos of Robert discussing his writing methods and inspiration. Robert's latest novel, The Furies of Rome, is available now in hardback and ebook.

Summer reading sorted

Aug 13

Book VII: The Furies of Rome is out now in paperback and ebook for summer reading. For more information about this and all other books in the series, including the three ebook only novellas (now available as a digital bundle entitled The Crossroads Brotherhood Trilogy), visit the books section.


Robert Fabbri @RobertEFabbri

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@NotBeckySharp @WaterstonesMCR Sorry, not Becky but Becci!
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@NotBeckySharp @WaterstonesMCR I've finished the last Vespasian and have written the first book of my new series. H…
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@LennartSdmn It will be both; the Jewish Revolt and the Year of the Four Emperors coupled with the power struggle in Rome.
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@RoryWHall I'll be in the west end tomorrow if you're around.
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@WesleyPauwels @AmazonUK The next one is Keizer van Rome, it comes out in January.
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